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I might just be a little crazy, who isn't?

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 18, 2013, 7:08 PM
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Starting off the day

I got to go into work an hour late thanks to my boss. Im grateful. But when I get there I get chewed out? like wtf, did I do? I was told to come in an hour late. And to top that off before I went to work I checked on Kaiya's paw, yeah it was bleeding again so I told my father I needed to go to kroger and get some gauze when I got off.

The middle of the day

I was chewed out more and almost punched a co worker in the face, why? She wouldn't shut her mouth and acting like she was such a princess cause she had been there 2 years longer then me? Sorry but I do my job 5x better then her. Even my boss knows that, cause I didn't get yelled at him ONCE today, and he usually always yells at me for no reason. Maybe he knew I wanted to punch someone? I dunno. THEN to make it worse; my father yelled at me cause he didn't take me to krogers like I asked he took me to the dollar store then yelled at me cause i said they didn't have what I needed. Like seriously. wtf.

The end of the day

I got Kaiyas paw re wrapped, and haven't talked to my father in about 8 hours. Hes pissed at me for no reason. I have a reason. And if he thinks Im going to give him my phone bill this month to bad, im giving it to my mom.  OH, the highlight of my whole awful day, was that I got a new shirt. I paid for it but stilllll! Its super cute. AND My day tomorrow will be amazing because I will be away from my dad all day. Im going to be around the horses. Im so excited for my riding lesson....

Any who, the positive end just turned SOUR. Thanks parents. Im done. Peace out. Im gunna try to find my muse to manip.


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